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April 21, 2021
Atomera Incorporated
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"OTC Stock Review"
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Atomera Incorporated

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Atomera Incorporated

I am sharing an article with you I had published on Seekin Alpha.

Why I Am Long Atomera Incorporated

Apr. 21, 2021 1255 PM ET

Atomera is engaged with 50% of the world's top semiconductor makers.
Atomera's Mears Silicon Technology is a thin film used to enhance semiconductors resulting in higher performance, lower power, and lower costs for ICs.
Atomera, currently, has 25 engagements in its customer pipeline, consisting of nine in phase one, 15 in phase three, and one in phase four.
Atomera has a patent portfolio that has increased 17% year over year and includes 269 patents granted and pending.
Atomera was added to the Russell 2000 and 3000 indexes on June 29, 2020.

Photo by sendy luiStock via Getty Images

Atomera Incorporated NASDAQ is a semiconductor materials and intellectual property licensing company focused on deploying its proprietary technology into the $450 billion semiconductor industry.

Here is why I am bullish on shares of Atomera. Keep in mind, I am currently long at higher prices, so I am biased. However, I would like to alert as many people to what I consider a tremendous buying opportunity. Atomera looks ripe for the picking by patient investors, since the stock has retraced 60% from its 52-week high. Shares of Atomera peaked at $47.13 on February 8, 2021. Like a lot of growth companies, investors have seen shares of Atomera pull back on consolidation, profit taking, and a brutal market for growth companies. Then, along came the shorts. As of March 31, 2021 there were 2,952,916 shares short, according to NASDAQ. The average daily volume on March 31 was 429,749 shares, which means it is going to take the shorts 6.87 days to cover. Many investors are anxiously waiting on the April 15th numbers to come out. Atomera currently has around 20 million shares in the float. . The proxy has , which is about 14.4%, but those in the list include a portion that is not vestedexercisable, thus, 20 million is in the float. According to the latest information from NASDAQ, there are 71 institutional shareholders who own 5,886,520 shares, or 26.02% of the outstanding shares. On the way to its $47.13 high, shares of Atomera were regularly up several points in a day. In my opinion, I would not want to be short Atomera at these levels. In my opinion, it is time to buy. I am already long the stock, albeit at higher prices, and I am planning on adding to my position after waiting the required 72 hours after writing this article.

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