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ATNM Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Broad Street Alerts" promoting Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


The following newsletter has not been verified for accuracy or completeness.

Combination Trials Conference Call

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Market Update and Recent News from Actinium NYSE ATNM

Good day everyone,

The markets have gained significantly over the past ten days and that is a welcome direction.

Nov. 2nd Now Gain
DJIA 26957 29218 8.3%
NASDAQ 10921 11826 8.3%
SP 500 3297 3553 7.7%

2020 has been a horrible year for many of us. Sick and deceased loved ones, jobs lost and those still employed working on Zoom or wearing masks, a tumultuous presidential election, and a myriad of other stressful situations.

But through this turmoil, the markets have been keeping their head above water. We believe there is an important lesson to be learned this year and that is markets tend to react to financial metrics and not so much social problems.

It wasnt always that way. Uncertainty has caused a few market corrections in the past. The 1970s were a decade that saw a big drop in the averages as we wrestled with Vietnam, Watergate, and the revolution in the Middle East. The early 2000s saw a significant drop in the markets due to the impact of 911.

The largest market drop in recent history was caused by the mortgage crisis of 2008, a financial disaster that directly impacted Wall Street.

The biggest change in our view of our social and financial lives has been the ubiquitous smart phone. Remember, these devices have only been in widespread use for a decade. Today news comes instantly, and you can manage your stocks and monitor the markets from virtually anywhere.

We would like to give you an update on a development at Actinium Pharmaceuticals ATNM, a value company we want to keep you updated on.

On Wednesday, the company hosted an ARC CD33 Combination Trial KOL key opinion leaders Call and we want to give you a brief update on that news. The event featured key opinion leaders Dr. Ehab Atallah, Medical College of Wisconsin, and Dr. Gary Schiller, UCLA Medical Center.

These two speakers have discussed their experience with collaborative clinical studies they are involved in with ATNM ARC therapies and combinations with other ARC therapies being developed. The AWE delivery system is also discussed.

There is an extended discussion of the application of Actimab-A and the impact it has in improved applications of chemotherapy in AML.

The KOL Call is something you must listen to if you want a better understanding of the Actinium potential. We have linked the call below

Actinium is trading 3.5% higher on the day at $11.74share. We are watching for a sustained break above $12share for the next leg up.

The Team

Original reports below
Actinium ATNM Could See Multiple Near-Term Milestones

Good day everyone,

We are continuing our coverage of, Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. NYSE ATNM, a clinical stage

Current price $11.63 per share

ATNM shares opened strong in Thursdays session quickly gaining to $12.05 per share before retracting to the current price 3.01%.

ATNM has twelve products in development but Iomab-B is the one mainly driving the companys progress. That, along with the companys AWE delivery system.

The AWE delivery system is a proprietary, patented delivery system for the iodine-131 radioisotope that delivers an electrical charge to cells to be eliminated. It is simply administered to a patient intravenously. We expect the future of the AWE system will be limited only by the number of different cancer, or other unwanted cells, science can target.

About Iomab-B
Iomab-B via the monoclonal antibody BC8, targets CD45, an antigen widely expressed on leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells, B cells and stem cells. BC8 is linked to the radioisotope iodine-131 and once attached to its target cells emits energy that travels about 100 cell lengths, destroying a patient's cancer cells and ablating their bone marrow. By carrying iodine-131 directly to the bone marrow in a targeted manner, Actinium believes Iomab-B will avoid the side effects of radiation on most healthy tissues while effectively killing the patient's cancer and marrow cells.

The final results at interim or at primary analysis of the ongoing Phase III SIERRA trial will likely be one of the most impactful events in Actiniums company history.

We have reviewed analysts opinions and shared them with you. We want to emphasize the target prices and the impact they could have on the company. Maxim has issued a target price of $25share which would yield a market cap of $339.7M based on the 13.59M shares outstanding.

The much higher target issued by H.C. Wainwright Co. of $65share would yield a market cap of $883M and that figure might be a bit lofty for the near to mid-term. However, we think the $339.7M market cap opined by Maxim is within the near to mid-term realm of possibility.

The ASH conference that will occur December 5-8, 2020 may elevate ATNM to a new plateau. Participants in the hematology sector will get their first official look at ANTM and their programs. The potential for further collaborations and interest in the AWE system may be forthcoming due to the conference.

ATNM has no debt and their cash position should fund the company through H2 2021.

Near term catalysts for ATNM shares
Consolidated share price 40% off 52-week high
Small share structure only 12.34M shares in the float
Data sets from clinical trials just released.

Mid-term catalysts for ATNM shares
Potential collaborations with big pharma companies.
A cash raise seems unlikely over the mid-term.

For all our members who have watched the progress of ATNM this year, or over the past few years, we believe that now could be the time to really look at these shares. It seems the company is near to the growth spurt we all have waited for.

The Team

Our last update below is loaded with in-depth research on Actinium Pharma NYSE ATNM
Actinium ATNM Three Full Analysts Reports

Morning Gap Filled and Moving Back Up

The analysts projections indicate ATNM could grow in value in the near to mid-term

Good day everyone,

We are continuing our coverage of, Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. NYSE ATNM, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company.

Current price $11.70 per share

ATNM shares opened strong in Thursdays session quickly gaining to $12.05 per share before retracting to the current price 3.63%.

Today, we are including links to comprehensive reports from three different analysts. Look and see why these analysts are issuing target prices from $25 to $65 per share. All these analysts reports were published about a week ago.

Maxim Group This analysts report has a good summary of the more clinically advanced products in the ATNM pipeline. Maxim rates ATNM shares a buy and suggests potential commercialization dates for the companys products.

William Blair ATNM may have sufficient cash to fund operations and clinical studies until H2 2021. This analysis will explain why. This analyst looks at the potential milestones including those reported by the company this week contained in the ATNM pipeline. This analyst rates ATNM shares as outperform.

H.C. Wainwright Co. Read about the analysts forecast indicating the potential for Actinium to achieve a market cap more than $1 billion. This report looks extensively at the ATNM pipeline. This analysis reiterates the HCW buy rating for ATNM shares.

The three of the ATNM press releases we discussed in our earlier newsletter could be transformative for Actinium. As the companys pipeline continues to expand, with other pharma partners participating, and data from clinical studies continue to look positive, the companys visibility will grow as well.

It is that increased visibility in the biopharma sector that could help to grow the company to a market cap comparable with its peers.

The American Society of Hematology ASH will host its 62nd annual meeting December 5-8. Like many functions in 2020, this years ASH conference will be virtual. ATNM has been approved for three oral and one poster presentations.

Sandesh Seth, Actinium's Chairman and CEO. We look forward to presenting the Iomab-B data in further detail during the two oral presentations on the Iomab-B SIERRA study at ASH in December. The company remains on track to report safety and feasibility data from 75% of the patients to be enrolled in SIERRA, as well as to complete the ad hoc interim analysis in the fourth quarter.

Actinium has no debt. While the company operates at a net loss, the data from their Q3 2020 10-Q filing indicates that earnings may be headed in a direction toward profitability.

The tiny number of shares in the public float 12.34M can have a significant impact on the company share price particularly when considering the overall market cap of the company. A share price of $20, for example, would only yield a market cap of $270M, still much below the companys peers and not fully addressing the commercialization potential for the companys products.

The current quarter could be the transformative period for Actinium, particularly as regards to Iomab-B and the SIERRA clinical trial. The data being released, and the upcoming ASH presentations could elevate the company to a new level in the biopharma sector and we expect the company share price could also rise to a new level.

The Team

Actinium ATNM Issues Clinical Trial Data Sets

Good day everyone,

We are continuing our coverage of, Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. NYSE ATNM, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company.

Current price $11.24 per share

Its been two weeks since we last talked about Actinium. ATNM shares opened at $11.17 per share on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, and quickly gained 8.5% to $12.12share.

So why are we reporting on ATNM again There are two reasons. The share price appears to be a value just as it was two weeks ago, and the company has just provided important corporate updates.

On Wednesday, November 4th, ATNM released three press releases with important updates on three of its clinical studies. We have summarized the news and provided links to the full press releases below


100% Remission Rate Reported in Third Dose Cohort of Actimab-A CLAG-M Phase 1 Combination Trial in Patients with Relapsed or Refractory AML - 70% of patients achieving remission were MRD-negative with remissions and MRD negativity reported in all dose cohorts. Data to be presented in an oral presentation at the 62nd American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting.

Actinium Announces Two Oral Presentations Featuring Data and Findings from the Phase 3 SIERRA Trial of Iomab-B at the 62nd American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting - Universal rates of BMT and engraftment continue in Phase 3 SIERRA pivotal trial in relapsedrefractory AML for all patients receiving therapeutic dose of Iomab-B. Second oral presentation to showcase lower rates of sepsis, infections, and mucositis for Iomab-B patients compared to control arm.

Actinium Announces Actimab-A Venetoclax First-in-Human Data Accepted for Poster Presentation at the 62nd American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting - There were no DLTs in first dose cohort, combination advances to additional dose cohorts in RR AML patients. Encouraging initial response observed with subtherapeutic doses of Actimab-A support potential mechanistic synergy with venetoclax.

On October 28, 2020, the company updated investors with the progress in its clinical trials and the news is encouraging indicating multiple milestones that may be achieved in the next seven weeks.

Iomab-B SIERRA Pivotal Trial-The SIERRA trial reached seventy-five percent enrollment. The Company will report safety and feasibility data from 75% enrollment in the Fourth Quarter see news above.

Actimab-A and CLAG-M Phase 1 Combination Trial-Successfully completed third and final dose cohort of 1.0 uCiKg of Actimab-A marking the completion of the planned Phase 1 trial. The Company expects to present results from the third dosing cohort in the Phase 1 trial in the fourth quarter of 2020 see news above.

Actimab-A and Venetoclax Phase 12 Combination Trial -Successfully completed first dosing cohort thus allowing the study to proceed to a second dose cohort of 1.0 uCiKg Actimab-A and venetoclax combination. First in human data expected in Q4 2020 see news above.

Iomab-ACT CAR-T Program -Actinium was awarded a Fast-Track Phase 12 STTR grant by the National Institutes of Health NIH for a clinical collaboration of Iomab-ACT targeted conditioning with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's MSK CD19 CAR T-Cell therapy, 19-28z.

We have included the following link in case you want to read the entire investor update

Actinium reported a cash balance of $48.2 million as of September 30, 2020. The current cash balance as of October 28th is expected to fund operations through clinical milestones including completion of the Pivotal Phase 3 SIERRA trial, completion of ongoing Phase 12 Actimab-A combination trials and planned RD activity.

It is our belief that the value from the success of the ATNM clinical trials may not yet be built into the share pricemarket cap. The Iomab-B SIERRA Pivotal Trial has been the top story at ATNM for a long time and while the recent news from that trial is encouraging, investors may feel the value of that study is already built into the share price.

Actinium has 12 products in development, some in clinical trials and some in pre-clinical development. Its the potential value of these products that could be missing from the current market cap.

The ATNM market cap currently at $152M. Keep in mind that the company may likely be sitting on $40M in cash, which leaves $100M as speculative market value. We want to reiterate the comparison below showing the ATNM market cap lags its peers, in many cases, by a factor of 3.0X.

Lets look at some developmental biopharma companies, similar in scope to Actinium, to see how their market caps compare

XBiotech XBIT $548M
Atreca BCEL $525M
Applied Therapeutics APLT $485M
Odonate Therapeutics ODT $599M
Marinus Pharma MRNS $445M
Viking Therapeutics VKTX $408M

Near term catalysts for ATNM shares
Consolidated share price 47% off 52-week high
Small share structure only 12.34M shares in the float
Data sets from clinical trials just released.

Mid-term catalysts for ATNM shares
Potential collaborations with big pharma companies.
A cash raise seems unlikely over the mid-term.

A review of the chart setup linked below indicates shares that may be oversold. The current price is well above the 50 and 200 DMAs indicating the shares may be trending in breakout territory.

We will be back with more soon,
The Team

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