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APDN Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Buzz Stocks" promoting Applied DNA Sciences, Inc.


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Profit Alert APDN Rockets To $17 Up A Staggering 267%

From My Initial Alert More Huge Gains

Another incredible day for my alerts...

Today APDN Rocketed to $17.64 pre-mkt up 267% from my initial alert

One of my previous picks APDN rocketed to a premarket high of $17.64 this morning, providing members with 267% in gains from my initial alert.

I first alerted APDN on April 15th premarket at approx. $4.80, and it has since rocketed to a high of $17.64 premarket this morning booking 267% gains from my initial alert at $4.80.

I hope you are watching, there are multiple premarket Breakouts happening this morning

Here are a few stocks that are starting to breakout huge this morning

MDGS, RMBL, VRNA are on immediate ALERT

MDGS today announced the signing of an investment agreement and a reseller agreement with Polyrizon Ltd to resell products for protection against COVID-19 spread and other biological threats.

RMBL yesterday announced a dealer-centric pilot program with carGurus.

VRNA today announced Verona Pharma raises $200MIL in oversubscribed private placement and subscription.

The trading session is about to begin shortly, so don't delay and pull them up on your trading screen before you miss out on another easy profitable day trading idea scenario.

Yours for greater profits,

Editor In Chief, BuzzStocks Team

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