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January 18, 2023
AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd.
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AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd.

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AGRI Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Bullish Charts" promoting AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd.


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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 18, 2023 GLOBE NEWSWIRE -- the Company NASDAQ AGRI AGRIW, an Intellectual Property IP -focused AgTech company dedicated to advancing sustainable cultivation and crop processing across multiple verticals, today announced a collaboration with the government of Barbados. As a first step, AgriFORCE and Delphy Groep BV Delphy plan to conduct a feasibility and technical study by the summer of 2023 related to the development of controlled environment agriculture facilities CEA for fruits and vegetables. These facilities are intended to supply schools, hospitals, government offices and institutions, as well as retail and food service establishments on the island and for export to other Caribbean markets. These planned facilities would be in addition to the Companys agreement to deploy its proprietary FORCEGH facility and IP in Barbados.

The feasibility and technical study is intended to define the crops and overall regional demand, facility specifications and land requirements for the supply of these crops to the Barbados market and for export in the Caribbean region. It is expected the feasibility study would be completed in approximately 120 days. At the studys conclusion, the involved parties anticipate entering into a definitive agreement related to the building of the facilities, offtake determinations for a portion of the production, and other key considerations.

Ms. Kaye-Anne Greenidge, CEO, Invest Barbados noted, Invest Barbados looks forward to the outcomes of this timely study. Specifically, we anticipate the establishment of a facility which will bring new investment, jobs, knowledge and skill transfer, among other benefits, to Barbados.

These rising food prices could create monstrous opportunities in agriculture tech and one of them is AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd. NASDAQ AGRI.

Exciting mergers and acquisitions in 2022 may be the perfect catalysts to propel NASDAQ AGRI into the spotlight this year.

Currently, shares may be at a premium considering that the stock has a 52-week high of $6.10 AND the stock has a

to grow with a current market cap of about $20M.

Other big players in the arena include FMC Corp. NYSE FMC and Tyson Foods, Inc. NYSE TSN, which are trading at over $100 a share and around $60 a share, respectively. AGRI is around $1

NASDAQ AGRI has a , including data and consulting company Delphy Group, biotech company Deroose Plants NV and IP from Manna Nutritional Group MNG. These acquisitions form part of its growth model for the future.

The company is also food processing and development IP from MNG. This includes patent-pending technologies to increase natural grain healthiness, amplifying AGRIs commitment to providing nutrient-dense, low-impact foods.

These closed Manna and pending Delphy and Deroose acquisitions represent a reinforcement of the companys position in the agtech market and complement each of its mission-driven pillars.

And most excitingly the company is proceeding to launch its UNTHINK food brand of high-protein, high-fiber, low-carb grains. Millennials are moving the health and wellness market in many ways. Did you know that change their diet to help the environment

Rising food prices seem to be among the reasons agtech companies are thriving now. AGRI wants to transform agriculture by providing solutions addressing the key challenges growers grapple with today.

With a product launch of unThink Awakened flour and very exciting MAs, now may be a critical time to have AgriFORCE Growing Systems NASDAQ AGRI on your radar as we head into 2023

These pillars drive the companys commitment to consulting on AgTech knowledge, building out its proprietary IP, and developing its innovative controlled environment agricultural CEA solutions.

As part of solving problems in the industry, AgriFORCE is moving forward with several important initiatives. These include , its proprietary facility design that delivers a cutting-edge CEA using advanced AgTech. FORCEGH, which received a patent, harnesses the companys IP to deliver optimized, sustainable food production, and it is capable of cultivating higher-quality crops under extreme macroclimates.

NASDAQ AGRI also recently for its UNTHINK food brand. This is a HUGE development

The company is transforming the wheat market, which currently sees in revenue, through its 100% natural wheat flour which is both a non-genetically modified organism GMO and more nutritiously dense than traditional wheat.


unThink Foods, a subsidiary of AGRI, leverages natural science to help regular grains, pulses and root vegetables become flour-based products that offer superior nutrition, without compromising taste, texture, and quality.

Grand View Research Reports, San Francisco CA, 2018 Estimates, the company aims to fill the existing gap for healthy alternatives without compromising on taste or texture.

The production, which uses a 100% natural patent-pending process, creates a flour that is more nutritious, easier to digest, and better tasting than traditional alternatives.

Using patent-pending processes, AGRI controls the germination of its wheat in an environment where humidity and temperature are carefully managed. This activates the enzymes in the sprouted grains, which are then milled to become Awakened Flour, created to be both nutritious and tasty.

This unique product is newly developed and in addition to the unThink Power Flour opportunity.

Awakened Flour is AGRIs first step in bringing to market a series of superior products under the unThink Food brand, with pancake mixes, breads, pastas, and more currently under consideration and development.

Why is flour bad for you White flour has very little nutritional value. It's high in carbohydrates and calories, and low in everything else like fiber, protein and vitamins.

unThink Foods is bringing a much-desired product to a market eager for healthier, natural alternatives to traditional flours. Our first launch is a stepping stone to continued growth of the brand.

Mauro Pennella, AgriFORCEs President of Brands

Scientific evidence shows that sprouted grains are more nutritious and easily digested than traditional grains, and weve had the opportunity to layer this with our proprietary process to create a gold standard for the sprouted grains market. unThinks Awakened Flour delivers what a sprouted grain can and should provide to consumers, bakeries, and other food businesses.

Hernando Ruiz-Jimenez, unThink Food Co.s General Manager

It should be noted that Ruiz-Jimenez has served in a variety of senior management and marketing roles at a wide range of companies, including PepsiCo and Diageo

For consumers, the importance of access to safe, healthy and nutritious food continues to be a priority. This also reflected in an increased emphasis on sustainability globally, including from governments, financial regulators, companies and customers.

- CEO, Ingo Mueller

The company announced that it will be granted a patent, titled Automated Growing Systems, by the United States Patent and Trademark Office USPTO related to proprietary systems and technologies within the Companys controlled environment agriculture CEA facility, FORCEGH. The patent is the first to be issued among a group of patent applications related to the Companys automated grow systems.

Following the to acquire , a Netherlands-based AgTech consultancy firm, the parties have further agreed to mutually extend the closing date as part of an Amended Agreement, to allow for sufficient time to complete a Form 14A for shareholder approval. The transaction is expected to be completed in the current calendar year, subject to AgriFORCE shareholder approval. Together AGRI and Delphy will help create an Integrated AgTech company.

The acquisition in progress of consulting firm Delphy with 2021 revenues of US$28M and EBITDA of US$3M IFRS audited will provide a multi-national presence and over 200 employees consultants and is intended to place the combined operations at the forefront of knowledge and research.

In summary

For NASDAQ AGRI, 2022 was their first full calendar year as a public entity and they achieved several noteworthy milestones.

Climate change concerns are mounting, and consumers are wanting agriculture to be more locally and sustainably sourced. A of consumers say that even with inflation, they would STILL pay higher prices for sustainably produced food.

AgriFORCE Growing Systems NASDAQ AGRI is meeting the demands of a monstrous market.

Big things are planned for this year including

Bringing their first products under UNTHINK Foods to market. In particular, with the B2B and direct to consumer launch of Awakened Flour, they hope to create a new standard for sprouted flours. Following this, they plan to launch their Power Flour which will bring superior nutrition with no compromise to consumers. Additionally, the company has several other consumer products in the pipeline, for which we intend to provide additional details in 2023.
Starting to advance the expansion of Delphy into North America as well as continue to build their Delphy Digital platform and suite of services.
AGRI will also launch their first RCS products.

analyst Ben Piggott initiated coverage on AGRI over the summer with a BUY rating and a price target of $5

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