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Start time:
7:05 AM
Start date:
September 16, 2020
Adobe Inc.
Stock promoter:
"Blue Hoseshoe Stocks"
Stock promoter rank:
18 out of 31
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Adobe Inc.

Market capitalization:
(as of September 9, 2020)
Outsanding shares:
(as of June 19, 2020)

Stock Promoter Performance

The following charts displays the first day results for campaigns by "Blue Hoseshoe Stocks". Results are taken from a total of 80 stock promotions by this stock promoter that have been tracked by OTC Dynamics.
53% closed down

37% closed up

9% had no net effect

Last 2 Stock Promotions By "Blue Hoseshoe Stocks"

Symbol Company Start Date Close Change
NWBO Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. September 4, 2020 0.641 17%
MVES The Movie Studio, Inc. September 1, 2020 0.015 24%

ADBE Promotional Newsletter

The following is a newsletter released by "Blue Hoseshoe Stocks" promoting Adobe Inc.


The following newsletter has not been verified for accuracy or completeness.

Adobe, Inc. ADBE - Options Update
we signaled a couple of options plays in ADBE and FDX, with both companies reporting their quarterly earnings in the post-market. While we didn't get much action from FDX in the run-up to earnings, ADBE began to perform. Noth sets of targets should be of interest today.

We expect to see some positive activity right from the outset today, as those untraded upon beats will surely factor in. Stay tuned tomorrow for an update on those upcoming performances. For now, here are the initial moves that ADBE started off with in yesterday's session.

ADBE Weekly $490-495 Calls
$490 18.00-22.75 26%
$492.50 17.77-21.55 21%
$495 16.44-20.30 23%

SPDR SP500 ETF SPY - Recap

We also , and despite a general downtrend for the markets at large, we did see some notable moves in those contracts, which will expire at the end of the session today.

SPY 0916 $340-342 Calls
$340 1.39-2.16 55%
$341 .98-1.59 62%
$342 .67-1.15 72%

Giga Metals Corp. HNCKF

we signaled interest in HNCKF via our extended watchlist, and we wanted to report back on the two day performance we've seen from that stock so far this week. From a low of 1.05 we witnessed a high of 1.59 yesterday, marking a respectable move of 51%

Extended Watchlist

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